Colt Lincoln
Colt Lincoln 8 timmar sedan
Dorsey is a threat to America and democracy he needs to be stopped by any means necessary permanently stopped
Mary Plitz
Mary Plitz 8 timmar sedan
The progressive Co own by George soro. I don't care for this person he is a evil man my family is a. Conservatives republicans
Brian Vuong
Brian Vuong 8 timmar sedan
Trump 2020! People chant "we love you"
orion sands
orion sands 8 timmar sedan
Donald .J. Trump
Donald .J. Trump 8 timmar sedan
Nobody attends Biden rallies but he's leading? Lol
Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant 8 timmar sedan
Maybe because natural selection kills off the idiots first, those being the people who go to Trump rallies in masses in the middle of a global health crisis.
kari louise
kari louise 8 timmar sedan
Why is there no thumbnail?
Tenasone 8 timmar sedan
Eye catching thumbnail very nice
KING KONG 8 timmar sedan
Covid is so fake people lie about being sick from it. I ask myself how many people are in on it. Millions worldwide they are the freemasons and easternstars.
Yoga Mom
Yoga Mom 8 timmar sedan
Evil politicians #plandemic #agenda21
Christopher D
Christopher D 8 timmar sedan
I remember this guy from 2016. He was wrong then, too. This is bull. Trump wins FL, TX, OH, PA, MI, NC, AZ. 330 EC votes total.
Kim Panha
Kim Panha 8 timmar sedan
Donald Trump 👏 Donald Trump 👏 Donald Trump 👏
DeMarsh Design
DeMarsh Design 8 timmar sedan
This outro was very strange.
Micheal Rodriguez
Micheal Rodriguez 8 timmar sedan
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J R 8 timmar sedan
Ridiculous. Sue every one in government. Pure communist agenda.
Don Carter
Don Carter 8 timmar sedan
I'm wondering how many senators sold off all there stock like they did during the initial covid-19 insider trading info
Colt Lincoln
Colt Lincoln 8 timmar sedan
Dorsey is a threat to America’s security constitution and foundation. This guy needs to be stopped by any means possible
Bia Gonzalez
Bia Gonzalez 8 timmar sedan
Forget the polls Get your butt up and go vote! ⏳🗳
Sol Luna
Sol Luna 8 timmar sedan
I am in AZ. I will be voting Tuesday. Arizona wants a change
Lawrence Beck
Lawrence Beck 8 timmar sedan
Dr. Gottlieb is the grown up version of Eddie, in the late 60's TV series "The Munsters." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Munster
Dale Olson
Dale Olson 9 timmar sedan
Which means that the survival rate is now 99.95%. Unless you're over 75 and in bad health your chances of dying from the virus are .05%, what a complete joke.
Barbie 9 timmar sedan
Barbie 9 timmar sedan
Floyd Nelson
Floyd Nelson 9 timmar sedan
In chicago I'll take the odds with covid, because in chicago they're just lining up to shoot each other with unregistered stolen guns, human life means nothing in chicago that's why I would choose covid, the survival odds are better.
soarhigh Yandow
soarhigh Yandow 9 timmar sedan
Cases sky rocketing right before the election. Who saw this coming months ago and knew the media would push this story? Me✋ and I know I am not the only one.
Peter O
Peter O 9 timmar sedan
When will Biden talk about the Hunter Biden emails that show what he knew. What exactly did the Bidens sell that caused companies to pay them millions
Kim Panha
Kim Panha 9 timmar sedan
Donald Trump is the best president of America.
Gordon Turner
Gordon Turner 9 timmar sedan
Pelosi has witheld the money that was supposed to go to citizens to hp them get through the pandemic. She's the devil's wife.
Thenoname2x 9 timmar sedan
Wait what if turkey have covid or the food
Don Carter
Don Carter 9 timmar sedan
Doesn't sound like a pro to me! I bailed out last week! I feel like a pro!
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 9 timmar sedan
Look at these slobs stuffing their faces! Stay home and spend time with your FAMILIES!!
BAR 9 timmar sedan
What the hell is up with the ominous music? I just had to laugh. Come on NBC... come on!
Chris Reid
Chris Reid 9 timmar sedan
Only way that Dems can win is through fraud... and trust me they’ll try everything to do so cause that’s how dumb and desperate they are
sang nguyen
sang nguyen 9 timmar sedan
Even if Biden+Harris' leads are obvious, we should still vote, driving YOUR OWN NAIL to the coffin that buries America's darkest time along with the Republicon party and the damages that they have caused to this nation and the world.
wachudoeng yaw
wachudoeng yaw 9 timmar sedan
John A Vallone
John A Vallone 9 timmar sedan
Yes I'm for the bar owners and the restaurant owners.
Eli Jenkins
Eli Jenkins 9 timmar sedan
Twitter down 20% today
Nancy Hannan
Nancy Hannan 9 timmar sedan
All part of the plan, to control us. 99.99% survival rate.
Itlzi Zitlaly
Itlzi Zitlaly 9 timmar sedan
BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 🙏🏼🇺🇸 God bless America !!!
Eli Jenkins
Eli Jenkins 9 timmar sedan
Adam Davison
Adam Davison 9 timmar sedan
TRUMP 2020
da fuk
da fuk 9 timmar sedan
My guess is the Dems are in partnership with China to release the Wuhan virus.. just so they can win 2020 election. What business was Biden actually doing in China? Virus business? google Obama in Wuhan... learn the truth!!!
Steve Sims
Steve Sims 9 timmar sedan
IF Biden wins, and I do mean if...how long til Kamala takes over? Or does Pelosi take her out, then hit Biden with the 25th and rides the Resolute without ever running for President? The level of infighting on the left will be stellar no matter if Biden wins or loses...No matter which way it swings, California will still be burning, there will still not be a ban on fracking, I BET the crime rate in Chicago does not change, and the homeless in San Fran and Portland don't suddenly find homes. Way too much is put into national politics, when states and cities need to be taking care of their own messes.
Alfonso Juarez
Alfonso Juarez 9 timmar sedan
Idaho send water and electricity to
Lillian Outten
Lillian Outten 9 timmar sedan
Vote blue vote Biden 2020 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Frank Zen
Frank Zen 9 timmar sedan
Once they started editing and censoring content, they made their decision about their role. Section 230 needs to go!
Notsozo Vitsu
Notsozo Vitsu 9 timmar sedan
Who are these people? Are they God?
da fuk
da fuk 9 timmar sedan
My guess is the Dems are in partnership with China to release the Wuhan virus.. just so they can win 2020 election. What business was Biden actually doing in China? Virus business? google Obama in Wuhan... learn the truth!!!
Abelar Ignacio
Abelar Ignacio 9 timmar sedan
Bro i feel like this is gonna be the most watched and butt clenching election. Americas is at stake right here
Creature Domes
Creature Domes 9 timmar sedan
Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Evasen 9 timmar sedan
If people had known two weeks was leading to this! We are being misled with an agenda. Wake up...
Joshua Osborne
Joshua Osborne 9 timmar sedan
MN is a blue state and COVID cases are rising. It’s like it’s a nonpartisan virus.
Lillian Outten
Lillian Outten 9 timmar sedan
Vote blue vote Biden 2020. 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀
Chris Ratner
Chris Ratner 9 timmar sedan
Why does this dude look and sound like a puppet 🤔
Lillian Outten
Lillian Outten 9 timmar sedan
The choice Biden 2020 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Raj Mahal
Raj Mahal 9 timmar sedan
Texas for Biden!! It's time young liberals start voting as much as old conservatives.
N3W Y3AR 9 timmar sedan
Hey! I’m a trump supporter but I totally support your right to vote for Biden. I am just curious why you would want to vote for Biden living in Texas? To be very fair “moving away from oil” would devastate your economy. Also many people from the left in California are now moving to Texas. It’s not because they love Texas but because California democrats did such a terrible job running their state. Why would you want that in Texas?
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel Gutierrez 9 timmar sedan
I was looking at each states graph of colvid cases and wats crazy is that the pattern matches exactly the same as there graph of test which some how means trump is rite and thank god there is no raise in deaths
Tokes 909
Tokes 909 9 timmar sedan
If Biden Wins China Wins.
Y҉O҉U҉N҉G҉ D҉A҉G҉G҉E҉R҉ D҉I҉C҉K҉
Y҉O҉U҉N҉G҉ D҉A҉G҉G҉E҉R҉ D҉I҉C҉K҉ 9 timmar sedan
I’m exited to die
harri021 9 timmar sedan
Me an amher Will know IF MR Trump have meet a Child prator tuby ruby rubu u know The answer MR Trump know nothing about a rudyu rubu u know he have nothing daylivu with ruby.., is ruby in jai8?
Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez 9 timmar sedan
Bro I had enough of this bs if someone dies from shooting them self they just say oh he died because of COVID 19 and if someone crashes they say they died because of COVID 19 like there just making up bs to scare people
Dee 9 timmar sedan
You're insane.
Lillian Outten
Lillian Outten 9 timmar sedan
Vote Biden vote blue 2020 💙💙💙💙💙💙
SuperDeut4 9 timmar sedan
Keep it up, moron. This is throwing votes toward the T MAN. TRUMP 2020
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 9 timmar sedan
These dudes have overdosed on soy.
Jose 9 timmar sedan
Ridiculous to make the rich richer. People are mostly middle class who use Netflix. They should have waited to do the increase until after a pandemic. Plus are they going to keep on increasing prices every year and make it too expensive?
Tyler Ray
Tyler Ray 9 timmar sedan
If he picks up Wisconsin its over. Trumps gonna destroy Florida and cmon man you had Biden win Georgia? People arent doing the math Georgia has always been red and now more balcks than ever are voting Trump when Georgia has a lot of blacks. That equals a Trump win. God I should have done something with my poly sci degree but I didnt want to work for any of these jokers that would have made me lie or look inept on air.
Mo 410
Mo 410 9 timmar sedan
Trump will win Iowa, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina. Not sure it'll be enough for him to remain in office though!
ExoTech 9 timmar sedan
The Dr.Lisa Slayer Su
wolf her
wolf her 9 timmar sedan
Buy iphone is waste of money
Multifandom Girl14
Multifandom Girl14 9 timmar sedan
And my school is going back to 5 days a week:)
Jessica Lynn is Sexy
Jessica Lynn is Sexy 9 timmar sedan
11 people peacefuly shot during Philly peaceful riots.
BOLSTERED BLADES 9 timmar sedan
Trump!!! Like if your voting for Trump and hate CNN
jose amezquita
jose amezquita 9 timmar sedan
Shut down all their elected officials, with no pay put them Outta business.
Mike Mpo
Mike Mpo 9 timmar sedan
Never once have I seen Donald Trump leading the people only instructing his followers how to separate themselves from reality. Trump is not a leader, he is a trouble maker.
Liam Welch
Liam Welch 9 timmar sedan
You know what? I hope the conservatives are right, I hope this is just something to make trump look bad because after the election, we can do away with it
Mansour Shirbacheh
Mansour Shirbacheh 9 timmar sedan
Is it just me, or is he acting like an idiot with his sleeves up and bending over as he is going over a football game? Give me some intelligent analysis or tell me something that I don't know but I should like the difference between PA and FL economy that is reflected in the polls or something. I hear a lot of meaningless analysis which changes nothing. Soon enough the whole world will know who won!
Van Bennington
Van Bennington 9 timmar sedan
Joe's #1 lie is his completely false yarn about raising taxes only on those making over 400k. This is fundamentally false and completely inaccurate. Low info voters who don't know how to extrapolate the numbers won't get it. We DO!! Biden is a 100% unadulterated liar.
Jessica Lynn is Sexy
Jessica Lynn is Sexy 9 timmar sedan
They Peacefuly tried to stab a officer in Philly now the looters peacefully shooting other looters at walmart.
fingerboarding and stuff my name is acca
fingerboarding and stuff my name is acca 9 timmar sedan
Bro trump is rapping biden
Keith 9 timmar sedan
Man, America is really falling behind, early this year I was in shanghai, there were robots everywhere. Robots took my luggage to my room, robots delivered my package and food when I was in lock down. There were robot delivery van going around industry campus. I was told they had been doing this for several years now
temeriando22 9 timmar sedan
Will Santa Clause come this year or will have covid just saying..